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Manufacturer of industrial electrical equipment

Villefranche Sur Saône

Your wiring partner !

Since its creation in 1981, Servica has been producing electrical equipment in small, medium and large series, intended for manufacturers and manufacturers of transport, capital goods, medical, machine tools, etc.
Wired cabling subcontracting, electrical cabling subcontracting.
Specialist in harnesses, wiring and electrical cabling, Servica develops through the supply of global solutions, combining the integration of cabling, the overmolding of connectors , the assembly of mechanical or electronic elements.

Composed of 4 production sites in France, Tunisia and Portugal, Servica is a major player in electrical subcontracting and guarantees its customers: responsiveness, reliability and quality by controlling the economic requirements of the business.
From co-design to delivery, Servica undertakes to provide a tailor-made service with the objective of your satisfaction and your development :
• sourcing and supply of components • methods and industrialization
• production with a high-performance machine park
• modern means of testing and control
• management by Quality
• packaging and storage
• an adapted logistics solution: Lean manufacturing, just in time, kanban, safety stock, etc.
All the conditions for a successful collaboration !
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13 000 000 €
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SERVICA group services

SERVICA Group, at your service since 1981

Wired wiring subcontracting, electrical wiring subcontracting.
  • Optimization of the panel of suppliers.
  • Negotiation on group volumes.
  • Declination of customer expectations, in industrial performance management.
    (Quality and Productivity).
  • Staff training.
  • Small to large repetitive series.
  • 5 production units (France, Tunisia).
  • Renewed and Efficient Machine Park.
  • 100% electrical tests.
  • Tensile tests, dimensional.
  • Compaction check.
  • Optimized packaging.
  • Inventory management on logistics platform.
  • Delivery in Kanban just in time…
  1. 1981
    Creation of SOFIELCA

    Creation of SOFIELCA in the field of electrical harness and wires.  

  2. 1988

    SOFIELCA is relocated at Rue Richetta in Villefranche sur Saône.

  3. 1991
    Creation of PARM

    Creation of PARM in Villefranche in the field of electrical cabinets.

  4. 2000
    Certified ISO 9002

    OFIELCA is ISO 9002 certified.

  5. 2004
    Creation of CYLALIDE

    Creation of CYLALIDE, Low-Cost productionsite located in Monastir, Tunisia.

  6. 2007
    Logistics outsourcing improvement

    Logistics outsourcing improvement, our products are now stored by Sotradel.

  7. 2008
    SOFIELCA and CYLALIDE are ISO 9001/2000

    SOFIELCA and CYLALIDE are ISO 9001/2000 certified and UL approved in the ZPFW2-Wiring Harnesses category. 

  8. 2009
    Acquisition of LES 3V

    Acquisition of LES 3V in Grenoble, a specialised company in the connector over-moulding process.

  9. 2011
    Partnership with the Industrial Grouping LABELYSEES

    Partnership with the Industrial Grouping LABELYSEES, more information at www.labelysees.com

  10. 2012
    Partnership with INTERPLUS

    Partnership with INTERPLUS, a sourcing company located in China specialised in  electrical harness manufacturing.

  11. 2013

    Acquisition of FB ELECTRICITE GENERALE in Gleizé, a company specialised in electric installation.

  12. 2016
    Creation of LUSOSERVICA,

    Creation of LUSOSERVICA, the second Low-Cost production site located in Porto, Portugal.

  13. 2018
    Certification ISO 14001

    The Company takes an environmentally-friendly commitment and is ISO 14001 certified.

  14. 2022
    Fusion Absorption les 3V par Sofielca

    Fusion Absorption les 3V par Sofielca

“The Servica group specializes in the manufacture of electrical harnesses and industrial connectors. »