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Electrical connection technique to link a conductor to a device with screw terminals or tabs.

Wire crimping terminals
Wire crimping terminals
Crimping involves four elements
  • A device with screw terminals or tabs
  • A crimp terminal
  • A crimping tool, either manual or mechanized (pneumatic or hydraulic)
  • A multi-strand wire

The crimp terminal and wire are joined by crimping. The two components are subjected to compression, which will provide a lasting bond between the clamp and the wire.

Miniature terminals
Miniature terminals
There are several types of crimp terminals

Insulated terminals (red, blue, yellow)

  • Open-barrel terminals
  • Rolled brazed terminals
  • Tubular terminals
  • Cable ends, etc.
Crimping Robot
Crimping Robot
Crimping verification

This involves several steps or options:

  • Visual compliance verification (checking for a deformed terminal)
  • Verification of resistance to tearing (destructive test)
  • Dimensional verification (crimp measurements in height and width)
  • Compaction verification (microscopic analysis of cross-section of the crimp)
  • Automatic inspection on the crimping press (during production)
  • Calibration verification (validating the capabilities of the machine/tooling)
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